A littLe bit about us 

Southern Fete was born from the idea that couples should be able to focus on what is really important and soak in every moment of their big day. We work tirelessly to make every wedding as stress-free and memorable as possible and help couples remember that it is not just about the wedding but about a lifetime of marriage. 

It may sound cliche (and we promise we've tried a million different ways to say it), but our clients become family. We're blessed to be a part of such a wonderful and exciting time in your life and would argue our family is second-to-none.

A LITTLE ABOUT the MAMA HEN, Cassie thibeaux

For more than a quarter of my life, I was an Arceneaux, but on October 12, 2012, I became a Thibeaux. I’ve practiced the –eaux for my whole life. But, what does this have to do with anything? I’m a true Southern girl at heart, and I'm so proud to be because there’s no doubt of where I come from – a place known and cherished for its hospitality and charm.

I love anything with dots, a fun blazer, pretty flowers, and gold foil. My heart skips a beat at the first sound of an organ and the church doors opening as we send our bride down the aisle or when we see our groom get emotional when he sees his wife for the first time! And let’s be honest, it also skips a beat when the band plays Proud Mary.

The Southern Fete family has grown in ways I never thought imaginable. My clients have become family and in some cases even part of my team. We love big, and we love hard. And we'll never take for granted being part of such a special time in your life.