The McIntires

Bridget and Josh’s love and deeply rooted spirt sparkled brightly from the first time we met them - even though we were blessed to have worked with Bridget's sister a year ago for her wedding. These two are so laid back, fun loving, and extremely loyal. If - for some reason - you don't trust me on that one, it should be more than obvious by the community that they keep, nurture and bless. 

What kind of community? The kind where each vendor was a friend, each guest a very important person, each bridal party member  “family.” 

Working with friends of the bride and groom is truly an experience that cannot be described. They bring a love and true passion for each detail and know exactly how the bride would want it if she were doing it herself. From the calligraphy, to the cakes, the set up crew, to the bridal party that stayed behind to help load chairs and tables into trucks – details, friends, and fellowship that cannot be bought. 

The calm prayers before go time, the music filled ceremony, the joyful reception – everything about their day was 100% Bridget and Josh in the most genuine and heartfelt way that left everyone with the same amount of infectious joy and love that these two so outwardly possess.  

Bridget and Josh, I hope you continue to look at each other every day with the same eyes you had on that beautiful day. You two certainly left a mark on us!

Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum // Carolynn Seibert Photography // Sweet Olive Floral // Event Rentals // Britney Theriot (cake) // Joie de Vivre Salon // Papa T's // Ink and Root // Easytown Sound Co.

The Bourques

You may know Harley as my assistant, my right hand lady on wedding days, my fashionista. But, earlier this year Harley got to switch it up and actually be the bride! As soon as Cody popped the question, Harley was throwing darts at a map of the world trying to decide where to tie the knot (ok, so probably not actually throwing darts but making a list FOR SURE!). Together they decided on Riveria Maya Mexico at the Generations Resort. 

Throughout the planning, it was important to Harley to make the whole experience special, unique, and memorable. After all, she's seen her fair share over the past three years. One of the most exciting ideas we came up with was to send guests a welcome box the month before the wedding. It helped to ease the amount of items shipped to Mexico and the battle with customs, and who can say they received a well curated box of goodies prior to actually packing for the wedding? The day I loaded up the mail truck and sent them on their way was one of the most exciting days ever, and as soon as Harley started to send me reactions from guests as they received them I became happier than when the band belts Proud Mary at the reception. And, that's saying a lot! 

Every step of this wedding was so memorable for obvious reasons. I've tried for a long time to find words to capture how much fun and love there was, but I've come up short handed (bet you didn't see that one coming)! It was such a treat to be able to have Hannah Mulligan there to shoot the wedding and perusing through their gallery literally made me want to pick up my maracas and do a happy dance. 

Harley and Cody - It goes without saying that I was more than delighted to be a part of such a special time in your lives. Just by the sheer number of people who travelled to Mexico, it goes without saying that you are so very loved! I'm so excited that you were finally able to experience weddings from the other side and can now officially say you are a Southern Fete bride. I can't wait to see all of the fiestas in store for you two! 


Hannah Mulligan Photography // Generations Resort Riveria Maya // St. Blanc Calligraphy // Inkling Design Studio // Carly Escuriex

The Christs

To say I love Kalli's spirit and energy is an understatement. I first met her right after she had gotten engaged, and I was literally 2 weeks away from having Neil. Little did we know that the day she had already chosen would end up being the same weekend as Neil's birthday, but for so many reasons it makes the perfect sense! 

Kalli knew from the beginning just what she wanted her big day to look like and feel like.  We worked together over the next year - albeit while she was so patient as I became a mommy and then work from home mommy - to make sure every one of those details came to life. From the farm chairs, to the greenery swags on the front of the A Hays Town House, Kalli and Brandon's day was a complete dream. There are things I learn from every couple that stay with me, and I can honestly say that I hope to live life as enthusiastically as Kalli and Brandon do! 

Kalli and Brandon - It was a complete honor to get to know you and work alongside you as your planned for such a special day in you and your families lives. Your wedding weekend will always hold a special place in my heart as the same weekend as Neil's birthday but also for all of the love and happiness shared that day. I can't wait to see what life has in store for you ... I know it will be fabulous! 


Hannah Mulligan Photography // Paul and Lulu Hilliard Art Museum // Root Floral Sky's the Limit Cakes // Daisy Cakes // Party Central // Phat Hat // Jen D Studio // Stacy Landry Catering // Marcello's // Beauty by Victoria // Cabelo Salon

The Chavas


I've been dying to get this gallery back. I first met Cindy when I was days away from having Neil. She was steadfast in wanting to work with Southern Fete, which made my heart skip a beat, and waited patiently while we navigated the waters of maternity leave and got back into doing our thing. It was an incredible experience to be part of this multicultural wedding. I learned so much about the Indian culture and also how genuine attempts still don't translate into pronouncing things correctly. But, I also came away knowing something I have known all along. Wedding days are the most special when couples embrace all of their unique traits and are surrounded by family and friends who could not love them anymore. 

It goes without saying that the Marigny Opera House provided the most unreal setting for such an amazing ceremony and reception. We battled the forecast the whole week and decided to go to rain plan. While we danced with the clouds most of the day, Cindy and Pavan told me later that evening that the rain plan was even more perfect than they could have imagined. 

Cindy and Pavan made sure that every little detail reflected their story :: from the second line umbrellas that came from a remote village in India to drink stirrers guests picked depending on how they knew them to the mix of Indian food and poboy station to the special bottle of Whiskey passed around the dance floor among Cindy's Duke classmates. 

Cindy and Pavan - Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so trusting, sweet, and a pure joy to work with. I was just as excited to look through your gallery as I was to be there. I can honestly say I now know how to correctly pronounce Chava, mandap, and dohl and am the newest fan of Indian cuisine. My love for New Orleans grew even more with your wedding! I truly feel blessed to have been a part of it alongside all of your family and friends and honored to have been chosen "Wedding Day MVP."


E Ray Photo // The Marigny Opera House // SouledOut // Root Floral // Distressed Rentals // Firefly Ambiance // Saffron NOLA // Debbie Does Doberge // Party Central // Petite Rouge Coffee 

The Broussards


My journey with the Broussards first started in 2015 when we began working together on Jena (Quaid's sister) and Brandon's wedding. I was so excited when after that wedding I got to come onboard for Kayan and Quaid's big day. Harley, one of the best assistants there is, is best friends with Kayan so I felt like I already knew both of them without really knowing them. 

Their wedding day turned out to be a really pretty (but a little toasty!) January day. St. Martin de Tours was the PERFECT setting for Kayan and Quaid - home but with a New Orleans feel. A horse and carriage exit from the church. A secondline entrance into the reception. An amazing bridal cake made by the family bakery on the most fabulous cart across from the most delicious groom's cake - stacked king cakes. 

It's no surprise that every single detail of this wedding was thought through and executed perfectly. I'm a little sad there are no more Broussards to be married, but I'm going to get creative and find a way to make sure my family in Charenton doesn't forget me! :) 

Kayan and Quaid - Thank you, thank you, thank you for trusting Southern Fete to make your day a success! We feel blessed to have been a part of such a sweet day. We had so much fun with you guys in Mexico too, and can't wait to see what the future has in store for both of you!


The Etiennes

Family Property. Vermilion River in the backyard. Pond in the front yard. Ceremony to reception flip during cocktail hour. Don't these things spell SOUTHERN FETE? 

Holy moly my friends ... the first time I visited The Etienne's house it took my breath away. Mrs. Karen - the groom's mom - has an impeccable style that made their house the most perfect setting for Constance and Jeff's wedding and reception. 

From a super sweet first look, to late night donuts and coffee, there was so much to love about their wedding. But I'm pretty sure my favorite part was the TOP SECRET surprise that only FOUR of us knew about. Jeff's dad and one of Constance's bridesmaids had been practicing a surprise song to perform during the ceremony. I anxiously waited for the moment when no one else knew what was going on and they moved from their positions back to where the ceremony musicians were. The look on Jeff and Constance's faces was priceless and the song couldn't have been more touching and perfect. 

Constance and Jeff - It was such a pleasure being part of your wedding. I have looked through your gallery no less that 25 times and continue to find a new favorite. Thank you for including us and trusting us. And please don't judge if you find photos of the house posted on my "future goals" board. Need to aim for the stars right? You'll always be my favorite "Midland" couple!

Hannah Mulligan Photography // Apercu // Root Floral // The Beauty Room // Gambinos // Event Rental // Clementine's

The McManuses

There once was a charming architect and a sweet occupational therapist living in New York who decided to get married on New Year's Eve in the bride's hometown. They knew it could be a gamble with South Louisiana weather but were prepared regardless. It's a really good thing because Mother Nature probably couldn't have thrown much more at them if she tried. 

That sweet couple is Courtney and Tom, but I should refer to them as the amazingly accepting Mr. and Mrs. McManus who took everything that day had in store in graceful stride and couldn't have had a better time.

You've heard me say it before, but I honestly think some of the most fun and memorable weddings are those that include a deluge. Courtney and Tom not only had a deluge but also hurricane force winds that made flipping their tent from the ceremony to a 3-course seated dinner quite a spectacle. But with an amazing group of vendors, some fantastic rain jackets and boots, and guests who loved and adored this couple enough to trudge through a stormy December afternoon, New Years Eve even turned into one of the best days/nights. There are some amazing photos that Erin and Geoffrey Photography captured to prove it. 

Courtney and Tom - I know you surely would have wished for different weather for your wedding, but I wish all of my couples could have witnessed how graciously you accepted it and your determination to not let it damper such a joyous occasion. We couldn't have picked a sweeter or more kind and thoughtful couple to spend New Years Eve with, and we hope that 2017 is as amazingly blessed and joyous as your wedding day! 

Erin and Geoffrey Photography // It's a Wrap // Party Central // Paul and Lulu Hilliard Art Museum // Petroleum Club // Three37 // Kathleen Short // Salon NV // RiverSpa

The Kleinpeters

There are some weddings you never want to end. Then there are those ... just kidding! Scott and Rosemary's wedding is one I still dream about and wish we could do it all again (but I wouldn't change one single thing!). 

I remember talking to Rosemary for the first time. I remember exactly where I was driving and her date being one that I currently had a hold on. It's no surprise my heart skipped a beat when she told me it would be a tent reception, so I crossed my fingers and said a prayer it would work. But never could I have imagined what an amazing six months would ensue wrapping with an unbelievable wedding and two new friends who put "sweet" to shame. 

We first met at my favorite Baton Rouge coffee shop, Magpie, and I left loving her mom. A lady who asked the hard questions and wanted to make sure I could handle tough situations. We wasted no time getting to work. Site visit. Stationary. Timelines and budgets, we hit the ground running. Did I even mention the COVERED pool as a dance floor? From the envelope liner picked from her mom's vintage Harper Bazaar magazines, Kleinpeter milk and cookies as a late night snack, Rosemary's hand-sketched photo of the church on their Christmas card, this wedding was truly a reflection of Scott and Rosie. 

I like to think I'm pretty intuitive and can pick up easily on when clients completely trust me. This time, it was an email signed "Rosie," and my little heart jumped with joy. 

Their wedding was my first one out-of-town - away from Neil - and while I missed my little man more than words, seeing this wedding come to life was one of my proudest planner moments. Every single vendor poured their hearts and talents into making this reception a showstopper. The backyard was like the handbag section of Dillards on New Years Day ... only much more organized and calm. And the feeling when it was done, polished, and perfect was arguably as exciting as scoring a Kate Spade seventy-five percent off. 

The photos Erin and Geoffrey Photography captured are amazing, so I'll let them do the rest of the talking. But before I do ...

Scott and Rosie - There likely aren't words for how blessed I feel to have not only been part of your wedding but also your lives for most of 2016. You always treated me like family and always told me to "make myself at home." But more than that, you lovingly and wholeheartedly trusted me. I miss our emails and daily phone calls even more than I miss the pound cake from Ethel ... and that's saying a lot. You both deserve only the best, and I hope I was able to make your wedding as perfect as you had dreamed of. I know you'll always be sweet, sweet friends, and I can't wait to see what life has in store for both of you. 

Peregrins Florist // Erin and Geoffrey Photography // Genuine Collective Films // Musical Fantasy // Doug Olinde Rentals // Party Central // Ambrosia Bakery // Unique Cuisine // Beauty by Victorira

The Darouses

Did you know that FUN is actually spelled SARAH+SETH? The Breauxs and the Darouses know how to PARTY y’all! These two are always laughing. Always having fun. And, it made planning their wedding an absolutely blast. Even a pop up shower on the day of their summer wedding couldn’t dampen the love and excitement.

This wasn’t my first Breaux rodeo so to speak as Sarah and Andrew (take a second and relive this amazing wedding too!) are step siblings, so I knew what kind of party it was going to be!

Hannah Mulligan Photography never disappoints – rain or shine. Here’s a few of our favorites!

Sarah and Seth – Your super sweet and ball-of-fun personalities make you so loved by so many. We’re so delighted to have been part of another family wedding and have no doubt that your wedding was only the beginning of a wonderful life together. Thank you for trusting us. For making us laugh. And for loving love.


Hannah Mulligan Photography // Root Floral // City Club River Ranch // Joie de Vivre; Beauty by Victoria // SouledOut 

The Hightowers


Surely you’ve heard there is always a bump in the road when planning the wedding. I think if you were to ask Paige and Trey if there was a bump – heck even bumps – they’d chuckle and say yes. The planning process wasn’t exactly without its ups and down for these two, but I think their wedding day couldn’t have ended up being any more perfect.

Part of the best part of my job is getting to know my clients. Paige and Trey were in the bridal party for one of our Fall weddings last year and fast forward to their wedding – that couple was part of their wedding. Throughout the planning, we had our fair share of late night meetings (always including sweet treats), conference calls, and emails. While I wasn’t able to be a part of the whole wedding day, I’ve talked with so many of their guests who continue to relive such a fun and memorable day.

Where to begin. This may go down as one of the most challenging tasks I’ve been charged with. Building a champs tower with all glass coupes that aren’t the same height. We all held our breath as we set it up, and luckily it stayed just where it needed too. I may still be holding my breath!

Paige and Trey – I loved working with both of you on such a special and meaningful day. You stayed focused on what your big day was truly about and always remembered that in the end, you’d marry your best friend, have some out-of-this-world food, and dancing for days. It certainly didn’t disappoint. I wish you all of the best old fashioneds (cupcakes or Dons) and memories that are to come!


Collin Richie Photography // Cathedral of St. John// ULL Student Union // Sam Trahan Catering // Kathleen Short // Flowers by Rodney // Kali Picard // Rockin’ Dopsie // Ice Slicers
Acadiana Video Productions // Party Central // Inkling Design Studio // Kathryn Podorsky