The LaFleurs


I remember the first time I read Kim’s inquiry email like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my car checking emails after lunch with a prospective bride when I saw the subject line “There’s a ring on my finger: And then you lose sleep edition.” My eyes went straight to the line – in all caps – “HIRE CASSIE.  DO IT NOW.  DON’T LOOK BACK.” A little piece of advice she got from a past Southern Fete Bride. I laughed out loud before I could finish the email, and I haven’t stopped laughing since.

There’s SO much to say – and love – about Kim and Ross. They are the most kind-hearted, sweet people who truly have a passion for keeping it local. You know you’ve struck gold when you have to convince the bride to NOT have a table at the wedding with her vendors business cards (that’s not a lie!). Why exactly do they love locals so much? Well, they’re two small town entrepreneurs themselves. Kim is a successful real estate agent who recently moved back from the Woodlands and Ross manages the online portion of his family business – Kary’s Roux (and Pig Stand BBQ Sauce and Queen Bee seasoning and more!)

As if I needed to love these two even more, they were dead set on a tent wedding on the lawn of Ross’ parents house. My little heart jumped for joy. They embraced so many Southern traditions and touches – burying of the Bourbon, bananas foster bar, magnolia leaves everywhere, – but most of all they extended the most sincere form of Southern hospitality to each and every one of their guests. Their special day turned out to be perfect – despite a week full of rain – and the pictures Catherine Guidry captured tell the perfect story. 

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, you’re really in for a treat. I thought Kim’s inquiry email was the bees knees, but turns out she had more from where that came from. Here’s a taste of the one that took the cake …

“Subject :: You Brought Your A Game

HOLY CRAP.  Hands down the BEST money spent was on your team.  If anything went wrong, we don’t have a clue. … We are happy to be a part of the Southern Fete family!”

Kim and Ross – I’ve tried to to think of the perfect roux/Queen Bee/Pig Stand analogy, but I’m not sure there’s one quite fitting for the love we have for both of you. You laughed with us. You (pretty much) gave all control to us. But most importantly, you sat back and enjoyed one of the most special days in your lives because you whole heartedly trusted us to make it happen. The SF family is definitely a little more complete with you in it.


Catherine Guidry Photography // Beau Soleil // Styled. by Michelle Judice // Sugar Belle by Elise // Flowers by Rodney // Bottoms Up // Party Central // Kali Babineaux // Inkling Design Studio // Sara Buteaux