The Schmids

I’ve known from Taryn since high school and honestly didn’t think she could become and sweeter or kinder … but she has. When she called me to meet with her and Matthew about their wedding, I was over the moon. The day I had to call her to tell her I wouldn’t be at her wedding because I was due with Neil that week, I was heartbroken. She handled the news with such grace, and I knew that she would be in great hands without me there.

Taryn and Matthew have beautiful old souls (and that being a wonderful compliment from this other old soul). Their positive personalities remind me of the love you see in movies. A romantic, passionate, and lasting kind of love. From their vintage coke bottle proposal to the last kiss of the night, they captured our hearts but even more so renewed our faith in genuine love.

Let’s not forget about how fun they are! A “Where’s Waldo” guest book, S-C-H-M-I-D coffee cups, and a wedding party dance off. This couple’s guests were nothing short of a good time! They danced the night away to Rockin’ Dopsie, who never disappoint!

Taryn and Matthew: Your love is inspiring. Thanks for letting us witness a marriage filled with a lifetime of love and happiness.  I am so glad your day turned out the way it did. It was nothing short of perfect, exactly what you two deserve!


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