The Duhons


Kimbrali // Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist // Le Pavillon // Apercu // Salon Elle Rae // Flowers by Rodney // Phunky Monkey // Occassions by Gwen // Crystal Weddings // Mary Catherine Calligraphy

The Neus


You know you've got some amazing clients when the first time you meet you are in an arm cast, 8 months pregnant, and tell them they will have to wait to sign the contract until months from then. After all of that, these two stuck around and life wouldn't have been the same if they had chosen someone another planner. 

Jessica and Jason are the most perfect pair. Jessica is quirky and becomes your best friend in 5 minutes. Jason is reserved and so calm. Together, they made life more fun and tough decisions lighter. They trusted me from the beginning and saw it all come together seamlessly for that very reason. Working the day of their wedding felt more like hanging out with a bunch of new friends rather than "work." 

It may have been a tad bit hot in June and Mother Nature may have threatened more than once to damper they big day, but you would never know. Despite a small (but not small) hiccup when Jessica's engagement ring fell into her car air vent the week of the wedding, these two never lost sight of marrying their best friend. 

Jessica and Jason - What's there really to say? You make my life a little happier. You were dream clients, and I'm so thankful you chose and trusted Southern Fete. Maybe you should place a bet on how many more times I'll look through your gallery ... or just settle on "too many." Bocce date soon? xoxo

Sarah Beth Photography // Flowers by Rodney // Crescent City Soul // Le Pavillon // Crystal Weddings // Great American Cookie Factory // Bleu Coiffure 

The Sonniers


When I got a call from Andree about her wedding, I had all of the feels. The second Lippman wedding we were going to be a part of. One of our favorite bands sure to never disappoint. A Louisiana born couple currently residing in Colorado only meant that all of their local favorites would be part of the wedding. 

From the layered Meche's groom's cake, to the hand stitched ring bearer pillow, to the navy thermography invitation, to everything in between their wedding was just as sweet and memorable as we could have imagined it. 

While this family sure knows how to have fun, they also know how to stop and soak in all of the special moments along the way - even if it includes Dad photobombing formal portraits. 

Andree and Jeremy - Thank you, thank you, thank you for including Southern Fete in another Lippman wedding and trusting us once again to make it happen. I have much to learn from your go-with-the-flow-and-always-keep-a-smile attitude, but one thing I will always remember about your wedding is one the of sweetest and most genuine first looks ever. Don't be surprised if I tag along with Fr. Russo and knock at your door one day, skis in hand. xoxo

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The Jubas

I probably sound like a broken record, but if you want to know what sweet looks like, look no further. Meghan and Jacob could not be sweeter if they drank all of the sweet tea in the South. We were thrilled to head East for their Big Easy wedding and always love working with new vendors. 

From the get go, Meghan and Jacob told me the most important part of their wedding - besides the vows they exchanged - was to have fun. Boy, did this crowd have fun. From the police escort that zipped us from Uptown to the quarter in T - you don't even want to know, to the Bucktown Allstars, to the Lucky Dog Stand slinging hot dogs like Mardi Gras beads, it didn't disappoint. Did I mention that Meghan's fourth grade students were part of the ceremony and literally brought tears to me eyes? They weren't up for calling her Mrs. Juba before the end of the school year, but the smiles they wore on their faces was priceless. 

NOLA has never disappointed us, and we hope there's more to come!

Meghan and Jacob - You are sweet, kind, loving, and so much more. Most importantly, you were trusting and relaxed. We are so thankful to have been part of such a special day and hope the future is even sweeter than you are to everyone else. xoxo

Lindsey Rogers Photography // The Cabildo // Bucktown Allstars // Palate // Lucky Dog // Erin Edmiston // Steve Baker

The McIntires

Bridget and Josh’s love and deeply rooted spirt sparkled brightly from the first time we met them - even though we were blessed to have worked with Bridget's sister a year ago for her wedding. These two are so laid back, fun loving, and extremely loyal. If - for some reason - you don't trust me on that one, it should be more than obvious by the community that they keep, nurture and bless. 

What kind of community? The kind where each vendor was a friend, each guest a very important person, each bridal party member  “family.” 

Working with friends of the bride and groom is truly an experience that cannot be described. They bring a love and true passion for each detail and know exactly how the bride would want it if she were doing it herself. From the calligraphy, to the cakes, the set up crew, to the bridal party that stayed behind to help load chairs and tables into trucks – details, friends, and fellowship that cannot be bought. 

The calm prayers before go time, the music filled ceremony, the joyful reception – everything about their day was 100% Bridget and Josh in the most genuine and heartfelt way that left everyone with the same amount of infectious joy and love that these two so outwardly possess.  

Bridget and Josh, I hope you continue to look at each other every day with the same eyes you had on that beautiful day. You two certainly left a mark on us!

Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum // Carolynn Seibert Photography // Sweet Olive Floral // Event Rentals // Britney Theriot (cake) // Joie de Vivre Salon // Papa T's // Ink and Root // Easytown Sound Co.

The Christs

To say I love Kalli's spirit and energy is an understatement. I first met her right after she had gotten engaged, and I was literally 2 weeks away from having Neil. Little did we know that the day she had already chosen would end up being the same weekend as Neil's birthday, but for so many reasons it makes the perfect sense! 

Kalli knew from the beginning just what she wanted her big day to look like and feel like.  We worked together over the next year - albeit while she was so patient as I became a mommy and then work from home mommy - to make sure every one of those details came to life. From the farm chairs, to the greenery swags on the front of the A Hays Town House, Kalli and Brandon's day was a complete dream. There are things I learn from every couple that stay with me, and I can honestly say that I hope to live life as enthusiastically as Kalli and Brandon do! 

Kalli and Brandon - It was a complete honor to get to know you and work alongside you as your planned for such a special day in you and your families lives. Your wedding weekend will always hold a special place in my heart as the same weekend as Neil's birthday but also for all of the love and happiness shared that day. I can't wait to see what life has in store for you ... I know it will be fabulous! 


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The Chavas


I've been dying to get this gallery back. I first met Cindy when I was days away from having Neil. She was steadfast in wanting to work with Southern Fete, which made my heart skip a beat, and waited patiently while we navigated the waters of maternity leave and got back into doing our thing. It was an incredible experience to be part of this multicultural wedding. I learned so much about the Indian culture and also how genuine attempts still don't translate into pronouncing things correctly. But, I also came away knowing something I have known all along. Wedding days are the most special when couples embrace all of their unique traits and are surrounded by family and friends who could not love them anymore. 

It goes without saying that the Marigny Opera House provided the most unreal setting for such an amazing ceremony and reception. We battled the forecast the whole week and decided to go to rain plan. While we danced with the clouds most of the day, Cindy and Pavan told me later that evening that the rain plan was even more perfect than they could have imagined. 

Cindy and Pavan made sure that every little detail reflected their story :: from the second line umbrellas that came from a remote village in India to drink stirrers guests picked depending on how they knew them to the mix of Indian food and poboy station to the special bottle of Whiskey passed around the dance floor among Cindy's Duke classmates. 

Cindy and Pavan - Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so trusting, sweet, and a pure joy to work with. I was just as excited to look through your gallery as I was to be there. I can honestly say I now know how to correctly pronounce Chava, mandap, and dohl and am the newest fan of Indian cuisine. My love for New Orleans grew even more with your wedding! I truly feel blessed to have been a part of it alongside all of your family and friends and honored to have been chosen "Wedding Day MVP."


E Ray Photo // The Marigny Opera House // SouledOut // Root Floral // Distressed Rentals // Firefly Ambiance // Saffron NOLA // Debbie Does Doberge // Party Central // Petite Rouge Coffee 

The Broussards


My journey with the Broussards first started in 2015 when we began working together on Jena (Quaid's sister) and Brandon's wedding. I was so excited when after that wedding I got to come onboard for Kayan and Quaid's big day. Harley, one of the best assistants there is, is best friends with Kayan so I felt like I already knew both of them without really knowing them. 

Their wedding day turned out to be a really pretty (but a little toasty!) January day. St. Martin de Tours was the PERFECT setting for Kayan and Quaid - home but with a New Orleans feel. A horse and carriage exit from the church. A secondline entrance into the reception. An amazing bridal cake made by the family bakery on the most fabulous cart across from the most delicious groom's cake - stacked king cakes. 

It's no surprise that every single detail of this wedding was thought through and executed perfectly. I'm a little sad there are no more Broussards to be married, but I'm going to get creative and find a way to make sure my family in Charenton doesn't forget me! :) 

Kayan and Quaid - Thank you, thank you, thank you for trusting Southern Fete to make your day a success! We feel blessed to have been a part of such a sweet day. We had so much fun with you guys in Mexico too, and can't wait to see what the future has in store for both of you!