The Kleinpeters

There are some weddings you never want to end. Then there are those ... just kidding! Scott and Rosemary's wedding is one I still dream about and wish we could do it all again (but I wouldn't change one single thing!). 

I remember talking to Rosemary for the first time. I remember exactly where I was driving and her date being one that I currently had a hold on. It's no surprise my heart skipped a beat when she told me it would be a tent reception, so I crossed my fingers and said a prayer it would work. But never could I have imagined what an amazing six months would ensue wrapping with an unbelievable wedding and two new friends who put "sweet" to shame. 

We first met at my favorite Baton Rouge coffee shop, Magpie, and I left loving her mom. A lady who asked the hard questions and wanted to make sure I could handle tough situations. We wasted no time getting to work. Site visit. Stationary. Timelines and budgets, we hit the ground running. Did I even mention the COVERED pool as a dance floor? From the envelope liner picked from her mom's vintage Harper Bazaar magazines, Kleinpeter milk and cookies as a late night snack, Rosemary's hand-sketched photo of the church on their Christmas card, this wedding was truly a reflection of Scott and Rosie. 

I like to think I'm pretty intuitive and can pick up easily on when clients completely trust me. This time, it was an email signed "Rosie," and my little heart jumped with joy. 

Their wedding was my first one out-of-town - away from Neil - and while I missed my little man more than words, seeing this wedding come to life was one of my proudest planner moments. Every single vendor poured their hearts and talents into making this reception a showstopper. The backyard was like the handbag section of Dillards on New Years Day ... only much more organized and calm. And the feeling when it was done, polished, and perfect was arguably as exciting as scoring a Kate Spade seventy-five percent off. 

The photos Erin and Geoffrey Photography captured are amazing, so I'll let them do the rest of the talking. But before I do ...

Scott and Rosie - There likely aren't words for how blessed I feel to have not only been part of your wedding but also your lives for most of 2016. You always treated me like family and always told me to "make myself at home." But more than that, you lovingly and wholeheartedly trusted me. I miss our emails and daily phone calls even more than I miss the pound cake from Ethel ... and that's saying a lot. You both deserve only the best, and I hope I was able to make your wedding as perfect as you had dreamed of. I know you'll always be sweet, sweet friends, and I can't wait to see what life has in store for both of you. 

Peregrins Florist // Erin and Geoffrey Photography // Genuine Collective Films // Musical Fantasy // Doug Olinde Rentals // Party Central // Ambrosia Bakery // Unique Cuisine // Beauty by Victorira