The McManuses

There once was a charming architect and a sweet occupational therapist living in New York who decided to get married on New Year's Eve in the bride's hometown. They knew it could be a gamble with South Louisiana weather but were prepared regardless. It's a really good thing because Mother Nature probably couldn't have thrown much more at them if she tried. 

That sweet couple is Courtney and Tom, but I should refer to them as the amazingly accepting Mr. and Mrs. McManus who took everything that day had in store in graceful stride and couldn't have had a better time.

You've heard me say it before, but I honestly think some of the most fun and memorable weddings are those that include a deluge. Courtney and Tom not only had a deluge but also hurricane force winds that made flipping their tent from the ceremony to a 3-course seated dinner quite a spectacle. But with an amazing group of vendors, some fantastic rain jackets and boots, and guests who loved and adored this couple enough to trudge through a stormy December afternoon, New Years Eve even turned into one of the best days/nights. There are some amazing photos that Erin and Geoffrey Photography captured to prove it. 

Courtney and Tom - I know you surely would have wished for different weather for your wedding, but I wish all of my couples could have witnessed how graciously you accepted it and your determination to not let it damper such a joyous occasion. We couldn't have picked a sweeter or more kind and thoughtful couple to spend New Years Eve with, and we hope that 2017 is as amazingly blessed and joyous as your wedding day! 

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