The Jubas

I probably sound like a broken record, but if you want to know what sweet looks like, look no further. Meghan and Jacob could not be sweeter if they drank all of the sweet tea in the South. We were thrilled to head East for their Big Easy wedding and always love working with new vendors. 

From the get go, Meghan and Jacob told me the most important part of their wedding - besides the vows they exchanged - was to have fun. Boy, did this crowd have fun. From the police escort that zipped us from Uptown to the quarter in T - you don't even want to know, to the Bucktown Allstars, to the Lucky Dog Stand slinging hot dogs like Mardi Gras beads, it didn't disappoint. Did I mention that Meghan's fourth grade students were part of the ceremony and literally brought tears to me eyes? They weren't up for calling her Mrs. Juba before the end of the school year, but the smiles they wore on their faces was priceless. 

NOLA has never disappointed us, and we hope there's more to come!

Meghan and Jacob - You are sweet, kind, loving, and so much more. Most importantly, you were trusting and relaxed. We are so thankful to have been part of such a special day and hope the future is even sweeter than you are to everyone else. xoxo

Lindsey Rogers Photography // The Cabildo // Bucktown Allstars // Palate // Lucky Dog // Erin Edmiston // Steve Baker