The Neus


You know you've got some amazing clients when the first time you meet you are in an arm cast, 8 months pregnant, and tell them they will have to wait to sign the contract until months from then. After all of that, these two stuck around and life wouldn't have been the same if they had chosen someone another planner. 

Jessica and Jason are the most perfect pair. Jessica is quirky and becomes your best friend in 5 minutes. Jason is reserved and so calm. Together, they made life more fun and tough decisions lighter. They trusted me from the beginning and saw it all come together seamlessly for that very reason. Working the day of their wedding felt more like hanging out with a bunch of new friends rather than "work." 

It may have been a tad bit hot in June and Mother Nature may have threatened more than once to damper they big day, but you would never know. Despite a small (but not small) hiccup when Jessica's engagement ring fell into her car air vent the week of the wedding, these two never lost sight of marrying their best friend. 

Jessica and Jason - What's there really to say? You make my life a little happier. You were dream clients, and I'm so thankful you chose and trusted Southern Fete. Maybe you should place a bet on how many more times I'll look through your gallery ... or just settle on "too many." Bocce date soon? xoxo

Sarah Beth Photography // Flowers by Rodney // Crescent City Soul // Le Pavillon // Crystal Weddings // Great American Cookie Factory // Bleu Coiffure