Remember, your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be with you on your wedding day and through important events in this process. Picking those that are supportive is vital. I’ve seen bridesmaids add to drama on wedding days instead of alleviate it. A good rule of thumb is to ask whether or not this person will be a big part of your life in 5 years. 


A larger wedding party means more expenses. From bouquets to gifts, costs can quickly multiply with a bridal party of 6 or more on each side. (SIDE NOTE: A good rule of thumb for gifts is to keep it in proportion to how much they are spending on dresses, shoes, accessories, showers, etc. Gifts should be more substantial if a bridesmaid is spending $250+ for a dress rather than $100.) Also, there are other ways to honor those close to you. Ask them to be a reader or to welcome guests at church. Keeping numbers small will also mean fewer logistics when planning showers, fittings, gathering measurements, sending out rehearsal info, etc.