We often get asked about which vendors should receive day-of gratuities and how much. While we wish there were hard and fast rules, here are some recommendations you may or may not choose to follow.

  • Transportation - $20-$40 if you want more than the percentage included in your bill
  • Bartenders - extra is discretionary depending on if they use tip jars or not
  • Servers - $20-40 per server if gratuity is not included and/or service was exemplary
  • Band - $20-40 per person or lump sum of $200-300 if performance was exemplary
  • Hair / Makeup - 20% of total
  • Officiant - $100 depending on agreement with the pastor/church

Remember to have each tip and final payment in a labelled envelope before your big day, so we can make sure all of your vendors feel the love! 


While you may not be able to tip everyone or anyone, don’t underestimate the appreciation of a handwritten note! 

More from our friends at southern weddings

A few weeks after we formalized our gratuity suggestions, our friends at Southern Weddings put together a post as well about tips. While we love that almost all of our suggestions go hand-in-hand with theirs, we wanted to link it for you in case you wanted a second opinion (even though we know you trust us with all of your heart, hairspray, and handbag!)