The wedding planning process can be a long one. You may gather quotes, do tastings, etc. and wait months before making decisions. Avoid any delay if possible. You may want a little time to digest things or talk them over with others involved, but make sure to decide soon. The longer time passes, the more muddled what you discussed with a vendor can get. How can you avoid this? Book vendors when they’re fresh. It will save you and the vendor time reconfiguring what you discussed months earlier. Also, vendors may not keep quotes for very long if they get many inquiries. Your proposal may have been deleted if they thought enough time had passed for a decision to be made. And in some cases, prices may change in the span of a few months, so the quote may not be valid. 


That’s why I’m here! If you are struggling with a decision, I can give you my opinion on what would work best for you based on knowing your needs.