It is difficult to adequately express my gratitude for you being in our lives for the past six months. I can't imagine having gone through this process without you and your team. You made every decision easy and seamless. Your help went far beyond what I imagined ... you made me feel like I was part of your family. You calmed all of my nerves because I trusted in you completely and you provided us with the most utterly stunning, memorable, and remarkable day in our lives. You made December 30 seem like it was the only day that mattered in the world, and I never realized how touching that would be.



I could write a thousand notes to thank you and the entire Southern Fete family. You truly made the most memorable night of our lives feel exactly how we always envisioned. I knew from the first words spoken about you and Southern Fete that you would be the best planner, but what I didn't know was how you would so quickly become a friend and part of our family. 



I still remember the first time when we were still reviewing the contract and in that very moment I could tell you had such strong attention to detail and that we’d be a perfect fit together! Since that moment you were the biggest help! Thank you for always following up on each and every little detail (even the smallest little things... you gave so much attention to them as well)! When I walked into the reception ballroom the morning of the wedding I knew that you had worked your magic. It was absolute PERFECTION! I know there are a million other things you did throughout the entire process that made the day absolutely amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for each and every little and big thing you did for us! 


alexandra cheramie

Cassie is undeniably the best there is. It is incredible how she is able to keep track of everything I threw at her and always made me feel like I was her one and only bride. I cannot say enough amazing things about this woman. She helped me through every single little detail and obstacle I dealt with for the many months leading up. We had talked through everything, we had gone through it all – and she had it covered. There were so many small detail-oriented things she did for me without even thinking – it’s just her nature. She is an incredible coordinator and woman.